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With over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur working across five major continents, I have raised millions in investment for both my own and other start-ups. I also have extensive experience sitting on the other side of the table and operate as an active investor, working with private Angel Syndicates as well as consulting multi-national accelerators and some of world’s largest crowdfunding platforms.

On my journey to success I personally made huge mistakes and on numerous occasions I was given wrong or sometimes even misleading advice. My journey inspired me to create my coaching programmes and courses, so entrepreneurs around the world can seek neutral, safe advice and guidance to accelerate their success and turn their dreams into a reality. 

Helena Murphy Coaching

Helena is an incredibly inspiring coach who truly cares about helping her clients transform their business and achieve mega results. She is the number one person to go to for business growth, finance and raising investment in your business, but her services stretch so far beyond making money, Helena can support you in turning your ideas into reality, and your life into one that you are obsessed with.

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Each week, I bring you insight and inspiration to help you grow your business; from how to manage your business finances and raise investment, to mastering your entrepreneurial mindset. I also share lessons and tips from industry experts as well as interviews with some incredibly inspiring entrepreneurs who share how they built their own businesses.